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Coming to SickKids? Construction taking place on Elm Street and in the SickKids parking garage until mid-September may result in minor traffic delays. Consider giving yourself extra travel time when coming to and leaving the hospital.

Link to National Dog Day story
Every dog has its day! Let’s celebrate the therapy dogs at SickKids (Friday, August 26, 2016)
August 26 marks National Dog Day, where we show our appreciation for family dogs and dogs who work selflessly to keep us safe and bring comfort. At The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), there are some four-legged furry friends who help children during their hospital experience.
Link to story about the Travel Clinic
Greater severity of infection in children associated with influenza B than influenza A strain, new study says (Wednesday, August 24, 2016)
In a study led by SickKids, data shows that children hospitalized with type B influenza, which infects only humans, had a greater mortality than those infected with type A.
Link to SKI China story
Building connections and transforming paediatric care in China (Monday, August 22, 2016)
SickKids International (SKI) has recently landed in China to commence two new collaboration opportunities. Partnering with hospitals in the north and south of the country, each project is focused on a different clinical specialization.

Speak Up ...We're Listerning
Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cell Biology Seminar Series
Monday, September 19, 2016

Link to perspective by Drs. Linda Rothman and Andrew Howard on pedestrian safety.
Built for walking: Safe environments for active school travel (Tuesday, August 16, 2016)
In preparation for children going back to school this September, Drs. Linda Rothman and Andrew Howard give their perspective on safe walking environments.
Link to perspective by Dr. Greg Wells on exercise medicine and the Olympics
Learning from Olympians: improving treatments for kids with chronic illnesses (Thursday, August 11, 2016)
Dr. Greg Wells, Associate Scientist, Physiology & Experimental Medicine, gives his perspective on how understanding the bodies of Olympians can shed light on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses in kids.
Link to perspective on global nursing
From SickKids Emergency Room to a classroom in Ghana – A global nursing perspective (Wednesday, July 20, 2016)
Koon Wah Luk and Jane Stuary-Minaret, nurses in the Emergency Department at SickKids and members of the International Resource Team, discuss their experiences teaching paediatric nursing in Ghana.



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