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Running kids
Understanding lung damage due to childhood asthma could hold the clues to preventing respiratory disease later in life (Monday, May 2, 2016)
Dr. Padmaja Subbarao, Staff Respirologist and Scientist in Physiology and Experimental Medicine, leads a research study investigating the effects of genes and the environment on lung health that will receive $1.9 million in funding over the next five years from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).
Baby drinking bottle
Back to the basics – study suggests a simplified approach to treating vomiting and diarrhea (Saturday, April 30, 2016)
A research team led by Dr. Stephen Freedman set out to determine whether minimally dehydrated children who were allowed to drink their preferred beverage, would do as well as kids who were told to drink electrolyte solutions.
Clinicians studying rare brain tumours around the world connect through new SickKids registry (Thursday, April 28, 2016)
With the goal of accelerating and improving diagnosis and treatment strategies for children affected by these rare and often fatal tumours, a new online registry for rare paediatric brain tumours was launched. The project, known as the Rare Brain Tumour Consortium (RBTC), is led by SickKids.
Link to perspective from Daina Kalnins on food labelling.
Should food labels list the amount of exercise needed to burn off calories? (Monday, May 2, 2016)
Daina Kalnins, Director of Clinical Dietetics at SickKids, gives her perspective on a new policy proposing that food labels list hours of exercise needed to burn off calories in a particular food.
Mental Health thumbnail
It’s time to recognize that mental illness is illness like any other (Monday, May 2, 2016)
Dr. Daphne Korczak, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at SickKids, discusses the progress that our society has made for children's mental health and the challenges we continues to face.
Link to perspective on childhood cancer stage guidelines by Dr. Sumit Gupta
Collecting better data for kids with cancer worldwide (Friday, April 8, 2016)
Dr. Sumit Gupta, Staff Oncologist at SickKids, discusses the development of new global paediatric cancer stage guidelines.



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